A Day in the Studio with our Master Sculptor

Posted by Annie Krug on Nov 13, 2017 1:35:29 PM

Like flour dusting a bakery floor, a fine layer of plaster dust overlays nearly every surface of the otherwise clean Stone Yard studio. An assortment of metal tools lay on a table; they are 30-year old Italian sculpting tools and they belong to Stone Yard's master sculptor. A black-and-white photo is taped to the wall; it shows what looks like a layer of sand dunes in profile, shadows casting a gradient of color and texture. "Mitch brought me this photo of a rock formation and asked me to sculpt it," our sculptor says, when asked about it. "A few days ago, he brought me another photo and I said, 'Is this papier-mâché?' But when he turned it around, it was the same photo of the rock! It's amazing how something can take on a totally different texture depending on perspective."

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