Inspiration from Africa: Mitch Takes us to a Waterfall's Edge, Atop the Highest Sand Dune, and Inside the Joy of Giving

Posted by Annie Krug on Feb 14, 2018 2:53:17 PM

"When I travel, it's all about the adventure," head designer at Stone Yard, Mitch Brean, begins our conversation. "So I plan things as little as possible and let things happen."

In his most recent trip to Africa, which included visits to seven different African countries, Mitch did find adventure—and inspiration—at every turn. Explore with him in this blog post, as he relives some of his favorite moments through stories and images.

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Bespoke Design: Why it Matters

Posted by Annie Krug on Dec 6, 2017 11:48:25 AM

The word "bespoke" originated in the fashion industry, and literally means to speak for something, as a well-cut suit or dress is said to "speak well" of the wearer. In furniture design, using bespoke, or custom, pieces in a design speaks to a high sense of style. But it does more than that: it simplifies and streamlines the design process. Put simply, unlike off-the-shelf furniture that forces you to tailor your design to the piece, bespoke furniture is tailored to your design.

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A Day in the Studio with our Master Sculptor

Posted by Annie Krug on Nov 13, 2017 1:35:29 PM

Like flour dusting a bakery floor, a fine layer of plaster dust overlays nearly every surface of the otherwise clean Stone Yard studio. An assortment of metal tools lay on a table; they are 30-year old Italian sculpting tools and they belong to Stone Yard's master sculptor. A black-and-white photo is taped to the wall; it shows what looks like a layer of sand dunes in profile, shadows casting a gradient of color and texture. "Mitch brought me this photo of a rock formation and asked me to sculpt it," our sculptor says, when asked about it. "A few days ago, he brought me another photo and I said, 'Is this papier-mâché?' But when he turned it around, it was the same photo of the rock! It's amazing how something can take on a totally different texture depending on perspective."

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The Joy of Collaboration: Q&A with Expert Designer Barbara Grigsby

Posted by Annie Krug on Sep 12, 2017 12:40:33 PM

Nothing lights the creative fire like working with other artists on projects you both love. And Stone Yard's founder and head designer Mitch Brean cherishes the collaborative relationships he's fostered over the years with designers and trade professionals. For nearly three decades, Mitch and the Stone Yard team have been privileged to work with San Diego interior designer, Barbara Grigsby, on countless custom projects. In the following Q&A session, Barbara discusses what brings her joy as a designer, and why she loves coming to Stone Yard with her craziest ideas.

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Add Life to Your Space with These Nature-Inspired Designs

Posted by Annie Krug on Jul 26, 2017 3:35:10 PM


Looking to incorporate natural elements into your design? At Stone Yard, our handcrafted furnishings include many nature-inspired pieces designed to add organic beauty, textural interest, and artful variety to luxury landscapes. As a reflection of biophilic design, a design style that uses natural elements to connect humans with nature, our artisans and designers take queues from the natural landscape, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that exert a soothing, grounding influence on a space.

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IN THE PRESS | Stone Yard, Inc. Showcases Custom Hospitality Design Solutions at HD EXPO 2017

Posted by Annie Krug on Apr 19, 2017 2:04:33 PM


“We are excited to showcase some of our latest designs at our booth, including artisanal fire tables and bowls, contemporary new planter shapes, mosaic marble table tops, and an exclusive fountain design,” says Mitch Brean, Stone Yard's founder and lead designer. “We will also be displaying high-end faux plants from our sister brand, EcoVara, including a fabricated tree trunk with a tap that dispenses cold refreshments for our guests.”

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In Service of Style: Hospitality Design that Inspires

Posted by Annie Krug on Apr 19, 2017 2:03:11 PM


At Stone Yard, we believe that good luxury design is livable—and that furnishings should be not only aesthetically pleasing but welcoming. Nowhere is this more important than in hospitality design, which seeks to create a fantasy getaway atmosphere for guests, but with all of the comforts of home. Here is a list of hotels and resorts that inspire us by achieving this delicate design balance.

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Q&A with Amy Meier and Mitch Brean: The Inspiration Behind Their Collaborative Collection

Posted by Annie Krug on Apr 5, 2017 4:29:47 PM


Read our exclusive Q&A session with acclaimed interior designer, Amy Meier, and Stone Yard founder and principal designer, Mitch Brean. Find out what inspired their collaborative collection, Amy Meier for Stone Yard—a line of sculptural concepts de forme made to add artful dimension to modern design landscapes.

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An Exclusive Look at Stone Yard's Fresh New Color Picks

Posted by Annie Krug on Mar 29, 2017 9:34:26 AM


Explore the fresh new color collection that our founder and chief designer Mitch Brean has created for Stone Yard. With more than 30 years' experience designing and crafting artisanal furniture for trade professionals, and as a sculptor and painter in his own right, Mitch brings a wealth of design experience and a discerning artist's eye to this task. And since California is the home of both Mitch and Stone Yard, he had to look no further for his muse than California's vast and varied landscape. For this season’s design inspiration, you, also, need not look any further than these stunning, nature-inspired tones, paired with artistic planter shapes in an ultra-modern SyGlos finish, to bring fresh color to your spring design projects.

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Designer Crush: An Exclusive Q&A with Amy Meier

Posted by Annie Krug on Mar 24, 2017 1:37:57 PM


"Good design satisfies the body's innate need for comfort and the soul's thirst for style," explains Amy Meier, founder and principal designer of Amy Meier Design, a full-service bespoke interior design firm in San Diego. Included on Luxe Interiors + Design magazine's 2017 Gold List of top interior designers, Meier uses her lavish yet edited style to design spaces that fit her clients' characters and their lifestyles.

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