5 Must-Haves of Luxury Fire Tables & Bowls

 Must-Haves of Luxury Fire Tables & Bowls

Extend your design conversation to the outdoors with luxury fire tables and bowls that elevate the fireside experience. These five "must-haves" of luxury fire design allow you to do just that with their uncomplicated yet sculptural styles. Our custom fire tables and bowls introduce subdued yet chic alcoves into the outdoor space, making entertaining by the fire an art form.

Sculptural Design That Brings Luxury Living Outdoors

Bringing luxury design to the outdoors gives synergy to your space as a whole; a kitchen, living room, or dining room that opens up to an outdoor entertaining space with a complementary design scheme will create an overall feeling of warmth. A stone fire table or thoughtfully placed fire bowl stimulates the same design sensibilities as a streamlined couch in the living room, or a sleek dining table and low-profile chairs in the dining room, rounding out the entire space's design conversation. Contemporary styles like the Zaragoza stone fire table have a low, linear silhouette that lends itself to easy fireside lounging.

The Raw, Hand-Carved Charm of Stone

With upscale design trends moving towards the use of raw surfaces, tactile stone is continually shown as a favorite medium, both for indoor and outdoor furnishings. Our stone fire tables and bowls are handcrafted by experienced craftsmen who've spent decades mastering the art of sculpting and mold-making. Each dip, crevice, and expanse is smoothed with skillful hands. Like our Boulder fire table, with its irregularly shaped silhouette that mimics a rock's natural formation, our fire tables add charming, individual details to go with their contemporary outlines.

Boulder Fire TablePrimitive Low Fire Bowl


Fire Features and OptionsDecorative Fire Media for Uninterrupted Style

Luxury fire tables must look good whether they're lit or not. Clean lines of design are beautifully offset by a choice of colored fire glass or tumbled lava stones, each of which bring a harmony of color, dimension, and light. Clean-burning fire glass pieces come in a mosaic of colors to choose from, and tumbled lava stones enhance the fireside experience with their smooth texture.

Convenient Starter Options for Instant Warmth

Luxurious design features bring ease of function to their aesthetic appeal. Our modern fire tables include a convenient remote start option that allows you to create an instantly warm and inviting fire, immediately and at the touch of a button. This means no stoking the fire, messing with unwieldy fire logs, or worrying about rogue sparks and smoke. Light the fire remotely and relax in your favorite spot, sipping a mimosa or hot chocolate, depending on the feel of the air and the mood of the occasion. No need to get up—you don't have any more work to do.

Quality Materials You Can Count On

High-end fire tables and bowls must be made from heavy-duty materials that not only stand the test of time but retain their beauty, even after withstanding the elements and the heat of many fires. Our fire furnishings are made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), giving them a smooth surface that looks and feels like stone, and is resistant to the damaging effects of fire and extreme weather.


Which Fire Furnishing is Right for Your Space?

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