Iluze Lounge Chair: Modern Luxury


A celebration of geometric style, our Iluze Lounge Chair mixes modern art with modern comfort. With an inverted pyramid pattern that changes according to the light, the Iluze catches the eye, whether its styled indoors or out. An optical illusion of a contemporary lounge chair, the Iluze’s intricate design calls to mind the relief patterns seen on brutalist furniture of the 1970s. Updated and upgraded from this vintage look, the Iluze is all at once angular and exciting: a one-of-a-kind piece that brings dimension to any space. 

Inspired by Art, Crafted for Comfort

Crafted to emulate the eye-bending work of artist of M.C. Escher, the aesthetic of the Iluze is charmingly elusive. Pyramids play in light and shadow in its pattern, and one can’t tell if they are expanding or receding, making for a visually interesting piece that delights the eye. Morning, noon, and night will provide a different light profile with this chair’s pattern that’s always changing, always unique. Nevertheless, a sturdy block silhouette keeps its design grounded in a space, and a thick chair cushion (which can be covered in the fabric of your choosing) makes it as comfortable as it is artful. Styled on its own or in a collection alongside the Iluze Sofa, Iluze Side Table, or Iluze Cocktail Table, the Iluze Lounge Chair is a constant revelation of shapes and shadow.


A Design That Dazzles Indoors and Out

Handcrafted design need not be delicate to be unique—in fact, most of Stone Yard’s pieces, including the Iluze collection, can be styled indoors and outdoors without worry. This is because our pieces are made from commercial-grade, industrial materials that mimic stone in style and strength, but are much lighter and easier to move. Request the Iluze Lounge Chair in either Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) or Fiberstone, both of which withstand the weather, even freezing conditions, beautifully.

High-traffic areas like hotels and public spaces make most luxury furniture wear quickly. Stone Yard has been serving interior designers, hospitality designers, and other trade professionals for more than 30 years, and we know what they’re looking for in terms of style and durability. The Iluze Lounge Chair, like all Stone Yard pieces, answers the call of both, creating high-design pieces that can live comfortably in the real world.

illuze-sofa-s83-arm823723-ch-a-700x429iluze-cocktail-table-b83-rec523716-ch-550x314How Will You Style Your Iluze Lounge Chair?

Much like the variety of visual dimensions the Iluze Lounge Chair offers, there’s no limit to how to style this sculptural chair. No matter your design dream, we’d love to make it a reality! Call us at 877-595-9732, or request a quote online today.