Custom Furniture: Why it’s a Growing Trend


We are already seeing the custom furniture trend accelerate in popularity. And with the maker movement in full swing, there is a noticeable uptick in the demand for one-of-a-kind furniture built by artisans, not machines. Stone Yard's expert artisans weigh in on what's behind this shift to custom, handmade furnishings, using as research their more than 30 years' experience designing for trade professionals.

Unique Pieces Tailored to Your Design and Space

They named it "artistic creed," which has the design-aware scouting for painted, sculpted, and otherwise crafted furnishings to fit their artistic lifestyles. At Stone Yard, we have brought customization into the world of luxury furnishings, allowing us to satisfy the need for handmade, non-conformist design while providing timeless luxury in the form of high-quality furniture. Each of our pieces, from the sculptural Arbo side table to the intricately detailed Granada sphere, are born from our makers' inspiration, and then given custom details that answer to our client's needs and desires. The result? Designs unlike anything you'll find elsewhere—and ones tailor made to fit your space in size, shape, and mood.

Detailed Craftsmanship That Catches the Eye

Sculpting, carving, and finishing techniques are honed over years by expert craftsmen, resulting in the artistry that makes handcrafted furnishings the darlings of the luxury design space. Skilled craftsmen, like ours at Stone Yard, have spent decades exacting their craft and working with a variety of materials. It is the makers' experience that gives these handcrafted pieces a personalized, nuanced quality that captures people's eye and answers their design needs.

Custom Sizes and Shapes That Go Beyond Standard

Design no longer has to be driven by the specifications of a space—with custom furniture you're not limited to selecting standard sizes, shapes, or even finishes. Instead, you get to design exactly what you want—down to the envisioned size, color, and detail. Do you have an oddly shaped, or overly large or small, room? Choosing the size down to the inch, and just the right design—such as a round, rectangular, or even hexagonal table top—will greatly influence whether a piece is both workable and beautiful in that particular environment. And the time saved on searching for just the right look and fit? Priceless.

Do you need a custom piece of furniture designed for your next project? We'll help you design it!