Add Life to Your Space with These Nature-Inspired Designs

 Stone Yard's Nature-Inspired Designs

Looking to incorporate natural elements into your design? At Stone Yard, our handcrafted furnishings include many nature-inspired pieces designed to add organic beauty, textural interest, and artful variety to luxury landscapes. As a reflection of biophilic design, a design style that uses natural elements to connect humans with nature, our artisans and designers take queues from the natural landscape, crafting one-of-a-kind pieces that exert a soothing, grounding influence on a space.

Infuse Life with These Natural Shapes and Textures

In their most recent style report, High Point Market celebrated the use of organic shapes in design, saying that "the unexpected can make a room come to life." Pieces that seem as though they were "plucked right out of nature" garnished the most attention, and it's no wonder: they are the perfect contrast to more polished pieces used in modern designscapes. Bring your contemporary design to life with these rustically chic pieces inspired by natural elements.

Nature-Inspired Designs


Whether it’s a jagged edge, a smooth polished finish, or a tumble of uncut shapes, adding rock to your design introduces a rugged sensibility into a space. Made with the stone-like material GFRC, our rock-inspired designs have the look and feel of natural stone but at a much lighter weight. The craggy silhouette and asymmetrical outline of our Boulder Fire Table is offset by its perfectly smooth surface, creating an eye-catching centerpiece that can live outside as a chic fire spot or inside as a unique cocktail table. Untouched nature mixed into a modern silhouette makes our Rock Console Base a bold, sculptural design element that can be used as a dining table, accent table, or vanity.


Get the sinewy shapes of natural tree trunks, branches, and bamboo—without worrying about them warping or rotting. Handcrafted into these rustic shapes, but in long-lasting GFRC and Fiberstone materials, these pieces give you both the look of wood and the strength and durability of commercial-grade materials. The sculptural Arbo Side Table mimics the earthy form of a natural tree trunk, all the way down to the intricately detailed growth rings. With its entwined branches stretching up to the sky, the expertly carved Twig Table Base conjures a pleasant scene of a sprite-filled woodland. Crafted by our experienced artisans, this table base is sculptural realism at its absolute best. Nod to nature in your design with our soothing yet sophisticated Bamboo Table Base. Hand molded to look like bamboo collected into an artful bunch, this beautiful table base exudes relaxed elegance.


Water is another powerful design element, and water features and designs that evoke water's natural movement have been proven to reduce stress and promote a positive mood.

The expertly carved concentric rings surrounding our hand-sculpted Acqua Bowl planter are reminiscent of the rings that form on a calmly lapping pond.


Plants and plant shapes have long influenced interior design, and incorporating shapes recognized in nature has a tranquil effect on a space. Our trio of gourd-shaped Turo Planters have delicately carved, smooth yet uneven silhouettes that can be used as dramatic statement pieces, with or without plants. The distinctively squash-like shape of our aptly named Tall Desert Gourd Planter meshes contemporary, ancient, and indigenous influences into one artful vessel.

Nature-Inspired Designs

Make it Unique with Hand-Applied Finishes and Custom Options

When do we get a chance to mold nature to fit our needs? When we take organic designs, size them to fit our space, and then choose a hand-painted finish to complete the look. Make your nature-inspired décor your way—to fit your design, space, and function—by customizing any one of our handcrafted designs—nature-inspired or otherwise. Do you have a custom piece in mind for your next custom design project? Contact us to make your design visions come to life!