An Exclusive Look at Stone Yard's Fresh New Color Picks

 Spring Color Picks in Stone Yard's Trendsetting Syglos Finish

Explore the fresh new color collection that our founder and chief designer Mitch Brean has created for Stone Yard. With more than 30 years' experience designing and crafting artisanal furniture for trade professionals, and as a sculptor and painter in his own right, Mitch brings a wealth of design experience and a discerning artist's eye to this task. And since California is the home of both Mitch and Stone Yard, he had to look no further for his muse than California's vast and varied landscape. For this season’s design inspiration, you, also, need not look any further than these stunning, nature-inspired tones, paired with artistic planter shapes in an ultra-modern SyGlos finish, to bring fresh color to your spring design projects.

Cuarzo Planter in the NEW Desert Sand Syglos FinishThe Warm Reflection of Desert Sand

Finished in our new Desert Sand hue, the Cuarzo planter brings a brightness to the landscape without overwhelming it. Mitch chose this chic color, which has been stripped down to a more subdued tone, to reflect the beauty of the vast desert landscapes of California. This color evokes images of a desertscape, where the warm tones of the midday sun can be seen reflected on the heat-soaked rocks. And the highly reflective brilliance of the SyGlos finish and geometric shape of the Cuarzo casts a mixture of light and shadow that further adds to this pleasant optical illusion.




Bijou Urn in the NEW Palm Leaf Syglos Finish








The Earthy Beauty of Palm Leaf

Green is an obvious spring color choice, as it is often associated with new life and regrowth. The Palm Leaf green tone that Mitch chose was named with this in mind, particularly in reference to the famous palm trees in Southern California. This earthy green hue brings a grounding influence to our multi-faceted and visually stunning Bijou urn, and the brightness of the SyGlos finish makes this urn planter stand out no matter which angle you're admiring it from.



Siro Planter in the NEW Shoreline Blue Syglos FinishThe Serenity of Shoreline Blue

Named after a cloudless, coastal day, the name Shoreline Blue was picked to accent the contemporary profile of the Siro planter. The cool tone of this California-inspired blue is refreshing and clear, allowing these large planters to stay light and airy. This bright shade of blue is further accentuated by the planter's highly reflective, ultra-modern SyGlos finish.



Dodeca Planter in the NEW Pacific Blue Syglos Finish








The Crisp Clarity of Pacific Blue

The striking shade of blue picked for our popular Dodeca planter was named "Pacific Blue," after the crisp blue of the Pacific Ocean. This bold shade gains even more dimension with the play of light and shadow created by the multi-faced, sharp-angled Dodeca. The vivid tone also pairs nicely with the bold SyGlos finish, allowing this modern planter to reflect the sun much like the tranquil ocean does on a sunny California day.


SyGlos: Our Bold, Trendsetting Finish

Pairing Stone Yard’s spring color palette with our innovative SyGlos finish was an obvious choice for adding even more visual interest to this lively color palette. As one of our trademark finishes, the SyGlos high-gloss finish can be customized to any color, including warm tones that are impossible to find anywhere else in an ultra-chic, high-gloss look - a fact that adds to its exclusive charm and popularity with trade professionals.