Designer Crush: An Exclusive Q&A with Amy Meier

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"Good design satisfies the body's innate need for comfort and the soul's thirst for style," explains Amy Meier, founder and principal designer of Amy Meier Design, a full-service bespoke interior design firm in San Diego. Included on Luxe Interiors + Design magazine's 2017 Gold List of top interior designers, Meier uses her lavish yet edited style to design spaces that fit her clients' characters and their lifestyles.

Because of a shared love of timeless yet modern, functional design, she has long been a "designer crush" of Stone Yard's. So imagine how excited we were when she agreed to answer some questions about herself as a designer and what inspires the rich interiors she creates! We know you'll be as inspired as we are by her answers in our Q&A below.

What are your favorite eras in design history, and why are they your favorite?

It’s a hard question for me because I do not have a favorite one or two periods.  I really can and do find points of inspiration from nearly all eras, taking ideas from different, sometimes seemingly contradictory, epochs and intermingling them. With that said, I am currently drawn to the 1920’s Art Deco style and the rise of early millennial modernism. There is a wonderful optimism and celebration of life and shape that resonates in every detail and embellishment.

What design qualities and characteristics do you feel make you stand out as a designer?

My photography background gives me a unique view of scale and composition. For me, it is more about the whole story of a space, and making certain that every aspect of the design is essential, acting as active participants to the narrative, not just passive set design or background features.

What brings you joy as a designer?

Watching my client’s process of discovery. There is a moment of joy, of almost childlike innocence, when the story comes together and reveals itself to the very people for whom it was intended. They had dreamed of what this could be, and had taken part in each step of the journey; but here, in this moment, it is like they are on the mountain top, and can finally see for the first time how it all works together.

What are three fun facts about you that people may not know?

I got my master’s in fashion design, not interior design, at Parsons; I met my husband on; I have an extra vertebrae (my husband says it is a tail).

What are some of your favorite Stone Yard pieces, and why are you drawn to them?

The Primitive Table and the Pomegranate Mirror. It's all about the shape and scale; they just work and feel so right.

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