Organic & Unique: Discover our Trio of Turo Planters










Soften hard edges of modern design with our organically inspired Turo planters. Available individually or as a trio, these irregular yet elegant planters mimic shapes found in nature, providing a groundedness to luxury design. 

Artistic in Detail 

Each of the three Turo planters has an original shape that works as an art piece or planter—or both—on its own or in an artful trio. When placed together, these Turo planters create an interplay of light and shape between their uneven profiles. The rough, striated texture on these hand-molded planters further complements their unique shapes.

Impressive in Scale 

Already impossible to ignore due to their dramatic profiles, our Turo planters are also large enough in scale to be used as design accents in hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other luxury spaces. Each or all of the Turo planters can be sized larger or smaller, according to your design needs.   

Lighter in Design

Made from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), people are often surprised at how lightweight these stone-like planters are. They are easily lifted by hand, and moved into place with ease—making designing a space simple.

Durable in Construct

These textural Turo planters can be placed indoors or out with ease, and with no fear of cracking, chipping, splitting, or suffering from weather damage. The GFRC material, a composite mix of high-quality cement, glass fibers, and resins, gives these unique planters a natural stone look and feel but at a 75% lighter weight than real stone. 

Nature, Designed by You 

How will you style your Turo planters? As each design and each designer is unique, so are each of our custom pieces. Get just the right size and hand-painted finish to make these one-of-a-kind pieces fit seamlessly into your space, indoors or out. Request a quote today.