Panel Planter: Traditional and Transitional


Deceptively dimensional, our new Panel Planter takes its simplicity from a more traditional design time and elevates it with an eye-catching cutout pattern. Inspired by the ancient and intricately carved wooden chests of Portugal, the Panel is a planter with presence. Learn more about this planter that can live in both a classic and abstract landscape here:

A Planter with Presence

At first glance straightforward, the Panel’s design catches the eye with a fluttering of shapes and shadows that appear as you move around it. A simple block silhouette with a smooth surface lip and four panels, each displaying four inverted pyramids, lend an unconventional charm to this otherwise unembellished design. Streamlined grooves at the bottom reveal four planter feet and create understated gaps for clearance and easy mobility. Perfect as a pair flanking an entryway or lining a path or driveway in a formal setting, the Panel Planter is perfect for both residential and commercial design projects.

A Style That Knows No Bounds

Style the Panel Planter indoors or out—its beauty was made to be enjoyed in either environment. Part of the beauty of the Panel Planter—and most of Stone Yard’s unique, made-to-order designs—is that it’s made using the highest quality commercial-grade materials available. Our clients can choose from Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) or Fiberstone, both of which have the aesthetic of stone or concrete, but are significantly lighter in weight and easier to move into place for your design project. The durability of both materials makes these planters ideal for commercial and public landscapes, both of which must endure high-traffic and harsh weather conditions. Even with constant use and exposure to freeze/thaw conditions, these planters won’t crack, chip, or fade—promising you years of use.

Handcrafted and Tailor-Made for Your Project

Each detail of the Panel Planter’s design has been handcrafted by experienced Stone Yard artisans, creating one-of-a-kind pieces you won’t find mass manufactured. The Panel Planter comes in three standard sizes, but we can also customize the planter to match the specific dimensions of your space. You can also tweak the style (we love to collaborate with designers on new designs!) and select one of our 13 hand-applied finishes to make the Panel Planter fit your aesthetic. Our finishes are applied in layers to achieve just the right look for each piece, while ensuring that each piece is unique and matches Stone Yard’s high-quality standards.

How Will You Style Your Panel Planter?

Stone Yard has been serving the design community since 1985. We consider ourselves an extension of your design team, and love bringing your design visions to life. Let us create a unique piece that helps you tell your next design story. Contact us for a quote on our new Panel Planter design, including any customizations you’d like to make, today.