Fretwork Planter: A Timeless Pattern Gets Modernized

Fretwork Planter

Crafted after ancient fretwork designs, our new Fretwork Planter is all at once a classical and contemporary piece. Taken from this intricate form of woodworking, with its delicate and geometric patterns, this planter’s labyrinth style adds an interesting layer of texture to more streamlined spaces. Learn more about this modern planter with historical roots here:

An Old-World Design Gets a New Take

The delicate art of fretwork started over 3,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt, but quickly found its way into designs around the world, from Greece to China. Now, these hand-cut ornamental woodwork patterns are part of our modern design lexicon. Our Fretwork Planter is inspired by ancient Asian fretwork panels, while its simple block pattern and silhouette lends itself to modern and eclectic design moments. Four feet ground this planter, while also making it easier to move into place. Architectural in style, this planter can be placed in a wide range of design schemes—from modern to transitional to Asian Zen.

Ornamental Style Made for Indoors and Out

Enjoy the handcrafted detailing of the Fretwork Planter indoors or out, as this piece is made to live in any element. Crafted  out of commercial-grade materials Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) or Fiberstone, these planters will retain their beautiful structure and intricate patterns without cracking or chipping. As such, these artful pieces are perfect for high-traffic areas like hotels, shopping malls, and public parks. These planters are also made to withstand even the harshest heat and freeze/thaw conditions without damage. If you’re looking for the gravitas of stone in both aesthetic and touch, but at a much lighter weight point, the Fretwork planter fits the bill.

Customize it to Fit Your Space

We’ve worked exclusively with interior designers, hospitality designers, and trade professionals since 1985, so we know how important customization is. Creating one-of-a-kind pieces that can be tweaked in size, style, and finish is our specialty, and the Fretwork planter is no different. We offer three standard sizes, but can also custom make these planters in whatever size you need for your design project. Choose from 13 unique finishes, all of which are hand-applied in careful layers by Stone Yard artisans to make each piece unique.

How Will You Style Your Fretwork Planter?

The Fretwork Planter works in all settings, from casual to formal. Its Asian-inspired pattern makes a gorgeous setting for rhapis palms and other Chinese-native plants, though it will showcase any type of greenery with its simple beauty. Perfect décor for hotel lobbies and hallways, restaurants (Asian and otherwise), rooftop gardens, universities, and more, these versatile planters can live anywhere you can. Why not consider them for your next design project?