Ravi Cocktail Table: Sculptural in Form, Versatile in Style



Artful, sculptural, and modern: our new Ravi Cocktail Table is a show stopper in any space. Inspired by the delicate art of origami, with its defined, sharp folds and intricate shapes, the Ravi works in both modern and eclectic design themes. Learn more about this head-turner of a furniture-turned-art-piece here:

A Handcrafted and Unique Design

The Ravi Cocktail Table, like each of our pieces, was handcrafted by Stone Yard’s master artisans. This means each Ravi table is unique, yet they all have the consistency of handiwork that makes Stone Yard pieces stand out, and age beautifully, even after many years. The design itself has several facets, giving it a sculptural aesthetic that changes in different vantage points and levels of light. And since each Ravi table can be customized in the material and finish of our client’s choice, each client can capture their own, unique aesthetic that works for their space.

Made for Indoor and Outdoor Styling

Part of the beauty of our new Ravi table lies in its versatility. It can be styled indoors or outdoors while still maintaining its beauty and shape. Made from your choice of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) or Fiberstone, both of which are weather- and chip-resistant materials, the Ravi can be placed indoors or out—even in places with persistently inclement weather. With the look of natural stone, but at a weight point that is much lighter, the Ravi gives you the look of stone or concrete at a more manageable weight for installing into your design projects.

Customize to Bring it Forward or Let it Recede

Customize your Ravi table in the material and finish of your choice to match the design scheme of your space. For example, do you want to keep the look neutral? Our Chalk or Natural finish might work best. Going for a more realistic, stone aesthetic? Try our Chenza finish. Want the table to be an art piece, and your room’s focal point? Order it in high-gloss SyGlos, perhaps in our vibrant Indy Red color, or ultra-modern black or white, to play up its ultra-modern edges. (Please note: SyGlos is recommended for indoor styling only.)

Fanciful yet Functional for Your Space

Yes, the Ravi is a strikingly visual piece. But make no mistake: it’s also functional. Our goal at Stone Yard is to create artfully decadent pieces that also live comfortably in the day-to-day world. In this vein, the Ravi is fluidly functional, a great piece to rest your coffee on while nesting at home, or use a statement piece while entertaining (giving guests something to marvel at as they set their cocktails down).

How Will You Style Your Ravi Table?

Highly customizable, our new Ravi Cocktail Table is available in GFRC or Fiberstone, and in 13 finishes and five SyGlos colors. Made from commercial-grade materials and industrial-grade finishes, the Ravi will withstand the rigors of high-traffic and commercial environments. But whether you’re designing a home, hotel, or some other space, the Ravi is versatile in design and function.