Barro Side Table: The Softer Side of Stone

Barro Side Table

Our newest creation, the Barro Side Table, offers juxtapositions of hard and soft, rustic and refined, and textured and smooth. With a bold bullet shape that dips gracefully into a delicately rounded base, it finishes at the top with a smooth, disappearing surface. Hard pressed to put it into the category of modern, minimalist, rustic, or even brutalist furniture, the Barro is a nomad among them, and can be placed comfortably into any design theme. Its sleek silhouette paired with a roughly striated texture counters both the feminine and masculine, making for a well-balanced piece that will unassumingly establish itself as the heart of any room. Learn more about our new Barro Side Table here:

Behind the Barro

Inspired by the look of brushed mud or clay, the Barro is ancient earthenware come to life in a way that’s bigger, bolder, and more worldly-wise than shapes of old. Make no mistake—the Barro belongs in the modern world. Yet a rawness also reveals itself in its design, lending a presence to the Barro that isn’t often seen in modern furniture. With a visual weight that anchors it to the room, yet an airy profile that elevates it to near-art form, you can be forgiven in forgetting that it’s also a functional side table. On that end, it offers ample, uninterrupted surface space. Flanked by rustic wooden chairs in a patio or courtyard, or placed alone in a foyer, the Barro will nevertheless hold its own with grace and gravitas.

Built to Last

Inside or under the stars, the Barro Side Table can go wherever your design whims take you. That is because the Barro—like most Stone Yard furniture—is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Hand-molded and handcrafted, it’s made from either Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) or Fiberstone, whichever our client prefers. Both commercial-grade materials make the Barro sturdy enough to withstand years of high-traffic use (much appreciated by our hospitality clients) and inclement weather, even harsh freeze/thaw conditions. Regardless of these elements, the Barro will age beautifully, and without chipping or cracking. Plus, both materials are significantly lighter than the concrete or stone appearance they portray, making them more economical to ship and much easier to move into place.

Customized to Your Project

Stone Yard has been crafting one-of-a-kind, custom pieces of furniture for our designer clients since 1985. With over 30 years of experience, we know how important it is to make designs that fit your vision as well as the space for which it’s intended. That is why we offer complete customization on all Stone Yard pieces, including size, shape, and finish. We handcraft each piece to spec, and then finish it with one of our 13 unique, hand-applied finishes to create the look you’re after.


How Will You Style Your Barro Side Table?

We can’t wait to find out what you will do with the Barro for your next project! Perhaps style it bare, letting it live as a statement piece? Or place it counterbalanced beautifully between the Barro Planter and Barro Cocktail Table? Or possibly another idea, all your own? We’d love to hear your design vision, and help you bring it to life!