Coral Side Table: The Natural Look


Inspired by the coral reefs found in oceans across the world, our new Coral Side Table infuses elements of texture and natural beauty into a space. With its simple block design and craggy texture, this table brings a whole new and organic element to modern design.  Learn more about our latest side table design here:

Tropical Inspiration

Taking his first cue from the ocean, Stone Yard’s Head Designer Mitch Brean also loved the natural appearance of the coral stone he saw used as building materials in tropical areas. He was intrigued by the varying colors and naturally aged appearance of the material. The ruggedly imperfect surface of coral stone is ideal for creating one-of-a-kind pieces that look like they’re carved right out of nature. In the case of the Coral side table, it juxtaposes with a low-profile design and a smooth surface that contrasts beautifully with its uneven exterior.

Complementary Pieces

Brean’s appreciation for natural textures first led him to create our Coral Dining Table, which features the same stony texture as its side table counterpart, but in a table base design. The Coral dining table is customized with a table top of the client’s choice; they can choose from one of seven table top shapes and ten unique edge options. Designed together as a collection or placed individually, both the Coral Side Table and Coral Dining Table bring the weathered beauty of an unspoiled coastline to any space.

Inside, Outside, Beachside

Wondering where you can place the Coral Side Table? Like most of our furnishings, it’s made from your choice of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) or Fiberstone, both of which are durable both indoors and out. Place it next to rattan chairs on a veranda and add a couple of seagrass rugs—and don’t worry about it becoming weathered (though it will retain that beautifully aged texture, but without the weather damage). It may look like coral stone or another weighty material, but it’s actually made with lighter weight materials so that it’s easier to move into place. These industrial-grade materials, however, are as sturdy as concrete or stone, and won’t chip, crack, or buckle, even in severe weather and freeze/thaw conditions.

How Will You Style Your Coral Side Table?

Love the unique style of this reef-inspired table? You can have the beauty of the Coral Side Table in the size, style, color, and finish you like. You get to design it to match your space in dimension and aesthetic—we are here to bring your design vision to life! Choose a standard or custom size, and choose from one of our 13 artisanal finishes, all of which are hand-applied in layers by Stone Yard’s expert craftsmen. Each finish creates a whole new design story for this piece, so write your own for your space! Want to talk to one of our design experts for a custom quote? Request one online today.