Martini Dining Table: A Mid-Century Modern Masterpiece


With a sleekness that never goes out of style, our Martini Dining Table is a celebration of the past, present, and future of design. A rounded, tapered base finished with an almost blade-like table top makes this piece a sculptural work of art as well as a functional table. Taken from the mid-century modern aesthetic, the Martini is sophisticated enough to live in any modern design scape. Learn more about our new Martini dining table here:

Mid Taken to the Max

Uncluttered and elegant, the Martini takes elements from mid-century modern design and cranks it up several notches, cutting an extreme silhouette that creates a nonetheless simple statement. With a nod also to Scandinavian design shapes, the Martini is a style all its own, and can be used as a dining table or a striking focal table in an entryway or lobby. The almost aerodynamic shape of the table top gives it an airy look, with its low-profile silhouette placed atop a more substantial, yet sleek pedestal base. Nevertheless, there is a dramatic aspect to this table has that brings it forward from mid-century into the present day, creating a shape that cuts through the noise of busier design themes. As such, it works well on its own as a statement piece or surrounded by modern and minimalist pieces.

Indoor Style, Outdoor Durability

Take the Martini indoors or out, as its stunning style is beautifully offset by its durable design. Handcrafted from your choice of Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) or Fiberstone, the Martini has a stone-like, natural aesthetic but without the added weight. At a significantly lighter weight-point than stone or concrete, these materials nevertheless weather the elements with grace and fortitude—even after years of use. They also make it easier to maneuver when moving into place and redesigning a space.

The commercial-grade durability of GFRC and our proprietary Fiberstone material means that the Martini is both chip- and weather-resistant, even in extreme conditions like freeze/thaw cycles. Also ultra-durable in high-traffic environments like restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, and other public spaces, these materials are a favorite of hospitality designers and other design professionals.

Two Sizes, Endless Customizations

Currently available in 14- and 26-inch diameter bases, with table tops that match each size, the Martini can also be further customized to the size and shape of your choice. As such, it can be styled as a dining table, an entryway table, and a cocktail table in its current iterations. However, since most of Stone Yard’s clients are designers, we are happy to customize the Martini—and any of our one-of-a-kind pieces—to match your space and design vision.

How Will You Style Your Martini Table?

Customize your Martini table in the size, shape, and finish of your choice. We offer 13 unique, artisanal finishes for you to choose from. Each finish is hand-applied in layers so that the finished piece is a unique work of art, and yet consistent in detail. What kind of Martini can we make for you?