Outdoor Seating That Stands the Test of Trend and Time

 Outdoor Seating

With the warmer weather rolling in, the topic among designers and homeowners naturally turns towards outdoor spaces. Whether it's a home, restaurant, hotel, or other venue, the intent remains the same: to create a stylish, comfortable place to gather and entertain. Our outdoor seating line, which includes sofas, chairs, benches, and fully custom pieces, are both artful in design and sturdy in all climates. These furniture-turned-statement pieces give people a place to relax, reminisce, or revel—or all three.

Raw, Sophisticated Style That's Always On-Trend

Stone and concrete furniture have been considered design heavyweights (pun partially intended) for the last few years, with the onset of design trends that highlight raw, yet sophisticated materials for both indoor and outdoor furnishings. But the popularity of these materials (and those that mimic them, like GFRC and Fiberstone) have led them to become less a trend than an outdoor living staple. More and more clients, both for luxury residential and commercial design projects, are interested in industrial-chic, modern stone furniture that is both timeless in style and stands the test of time in construct.

Outdoor Durability That Creates Fans

Stone Yard has long been known for using innovative materials to handcraft our artisanal pieces. Nowhere is this more important than in our outdoor collections, where furniture will have to brave years in sometimes harsh weather—including the freezing cold and the parching heat. It's no wonder, then, that experienced designers have become our long-time clients.

Barbara Grigsby, an acclaimed San Diego-based interior designer, has been using Stone Yard pieces in her design projects for over 20 years. "I like design simple, and I like it pretty, and Stone Yard's designs achieve both," Barbara told us. As for the durability of our outdoor seating, she explained: "I've used several Stone Yard pieces for outdoor seating and other applications, and they weather so beautifully! I've had issues with other brands' sealers, but never with Stone Yard's. It's like night and day." Our handcrafted benches are some of Barbara's favorite pieces—especially our Rustic Bench, which has the raw charm of an ancient stone artifact.

The Tested Durability of GFRC

Made from high-grade cement that is further reinforced with glass fiber and other additives, GFRC (which stands for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) mimics natural stone and concrete, but is up to 75% lighter, though just as durable. In fact, this more economical stone and concrete alternative maintains its beauty and strength even in the most extreme weather conditions. As an example, some GFRC panels in a newly constructed hotel in New Orleans suffered only minimal damage during Hurricane Katrina, which reached a wind speed of 174 mph!

The High-Impact Quality of Fiberstone

As the original creator of Fiberstone, Stone Yard has used this composite of marine-grade glass fibers, polyester resins, and other materials that together give the look of actual stone for our handcrafted seating, but at a more manageable weight. Weather-resistant, and even more chip-resistant than GFRC, Fiberstone is an ideal material for outdoor seating and pieces in high-traffic areas, making it perfect for commercial applications.

The Industrial Strength of SyGlos

Get the same, modern high-gloss look you enjoy indoors in your outdoor space with our ultra-shiny SyGlos. This composite material has a fiberglass base that is coated with a marine-grade, high-gloss paint in a variety of colors, including bold and contemporary shades. Most of our outdoor seating can be customized with this industrial-grade, shiny finish that has the added benefit of being easy to clean for outdoor environments. For exterior uses, especially in full sun, waxing every 3-6 months is recommended to maintain its beautiful sheen.

Design That Shines No Matter the Weather

Find the seating option that matches your design mood—or collaborate with us to create a whole new, unique style for your outdoor space! Browse our entire line of long-lasting, stylish seating now, or request a quote for a custom design.