Bespoke Design: Why it Matters

Custom Design Collaboration

The word "bespoke" originated in the fashion industry, and literally means to speak for something, as a well-cut suit or dress is said to "speak well" of the wearer. In furniture design, using bespoke, or custom, pieces in a design speaks to a high sense of style. But it does more than that: it simplifies and streamlines the design process. Put simply, unlike off-the-shelf furniture that forces you to tailor your design to the piece, bespoke furniture is tailored to your design.

At Stone Yard, we craft one-of-a-kind furnishings that are fully customizable in size, style, and finish. Designers and trade professionals come to us for unique, handmade pieces to match their space and their design vision.


The Benefits of Our Bespoke Furniture

Using bespoke furniture in your design has many benefits. Imagine bringing a piece of furniture from your imagination into the real world, having it fit and function perfectly in your space and design theme. The custom furnishings from Stone Yard allow you to do just that, and since we manufacture everything in-house, each piece is handcrafted by our experienced artisans, making for unique, quality pieces. The fact that we handcraft each piece in-house also means no overhead pricing or longer lead times due to outsourcing. And because our artisan-made pieces are built to spec, you get exactly what you envisioned for your design. No more time wasted returning furniture that doesn’t work, looking for new furniture that does, and the additional lead time that comes with the process.

Bespoke Furniture Resources for Designers

Here are some helpful resources to make this process even more seamless:

  • Download our Dining Tables Buying Guide to design a table based on seating capacity, determine the table height for a comfortable fit, and find a base and top that fits your design perfectly

  • Download our Mantel Buying Guide to get tips on how to measure the space for your mantel, how to customize your mantel to fit your design, and what add-ons and accessories are available to help tie the look together

  • Check out our Materials & Finishes Guide to learn about the innovative materials and unique, hand-painted finishes we use in our designs
Talking to Your Clients about Bespoke Furniture

The draw of custom furnishings may be strong for you, but you may need to educate your clients on their benefits to get them on board. When talking to your clients about bespoke furnishings, there are many points you can highlight, like the fact that they are getting designs that no one else will have—not their neighbors, not their friends, not anyone. And since custom furnishings, like those from Stone Yard, are not off an assembly line, each piece is hand-finished and carefully sculpted by hand—meaning that they will never have the production errors or defects caused by rushed factory jobs. By contrast, these one-of-a-kind furnishings are made by experienced artisans using time-honored techniques and modern design principles, making each handcrafted piece heirloom-quality.