Hex Bolt Side Table/Stool

Hex Bolt Side Table/Stool

As much an art piece as an eclectic piece of furniture, our new Hex Bolt Side Table is more than meets the eye. Crafted into a realistic hex bolt shape, the side table/stool brings to life industrialism in its purest form. The inspiration behind this table are the giant bolts securing a cantilever bridge in Belgium, says Stone Yard Head Designer and avid traveler, Mitch Brean. The effect is a piece of furniture that is all at once industrial and playful. Learn more about our new Hex Bolt Side Table here:

Industrial Art at Its Finest

With rounded edges, swirling curves, and a substantial silhouette, the Hex Bolt table is made to be seen. Its recognizable hex bolt shape adds a sense of whimsy, but the weightiness of the piece grounds it in reality. As such, the Hex Bolt Side Table can be seamlessly worked into industrial, modern, and eclectic design themes. Adding a playful element to your décor, this handcrafted statement piece can be styled as a side table, cocktail table, extra seating, or simply a piece of industrial art unto itself.

Form and Function, Indoors and Out

Like most of Stone Yard’s pieces, you can place the Hex Bolt Side Table indoors or out, with a durable design that stays beautiful for years, even in inclement weather. Crafted by our expert artisans, the Hex Bolt Table is available in Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) or Fiberstone, both of which are commercial-grade materials made to withstand the weather and high-traffic areas like hotels, shopping malls, and public spaces.

Both materials have the look of actual stone or concrete, but are significantly lighter in reality (with GFRC 75% lighter, and Fiberstone 1/3 the weight of GFRC). Why is this important? It gives the piece a sturdy look and feel, while making it much easier to move into place when designing and re-designing a space. And what these materials sacrifice in weight they make up for in durability, as they are made to be resistant to chips and scratches, even in harsh freeze and thaw conditions.

Fiercely Unique and Fully Customizable

Each one of our pieces is handcrafted and made to order, and the Hex Bolt table is no exception. Our proprietary design process allows us to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to furniture: a piece that is consistent to others in detail, yet uniquely made to match your specific design needs. We invite our clients to customize any of our pieces in size, shape, color, and finish. If you love the new Hex Bolt Side Table shape, but wish it were a taller cocktail table, let us know! If you love the shape but not the finish shown on our website, choose another one of our 13 artisanal finishes for a look all your own. Since most of our clientele are interior designers, hospitality designers, and other trade professionals, we have centered our design mentality around crafting fully customizable, one-of-a-kind pieces that meet each client’s design needs and the needs of their space.

Hex Bolt Side Table/Stool Detail

How Will You Style Your Hex Bolt Side Table?

Do you see the Hex as a side table, a stool for extra seating, an eye-catching art piece, or a mesh of all three? However you decide to style the Hex Bolt Side Table, its sure to stand out with its sculptural style and unconventional beauty.