Lodi Side Table: Texture with a Modern Touch


Lodi Side TableWith the rough, hand-scraped pottery of ancient civilizations as his muse, Stone Yard’s Head Designer Mitch Brean wanted the new Lodi Side Table to have the same texture reflected in a more modern style fit for today’s designscape. As such, this new table design has the look of shaped and fired pottery that has been brought into contemporary design with its elegantly tapered silhouette and smoothly finished surface. The Lodi Side Table can be worked into many design themes, including modern, transitional, mid-century modern, and bohemian. Learn more about our new Lodi Side Table here:

Touchable Texture

With a style that satisfies both visually and tactilely, the Lodi Side Table adds another dimension of texture to a space. The roughly hewn texture of this table makes it scream out to be touched and appreciated in all its imperfect glory, while the overall silhouette gives it an elevated style. This contrarian style that meshes modern and ancient elements makes it an ideal piece when you wish to add subtle texture to a space. The Lodi’s rough texture will ground a more aloof space, adding warmth and visual weight, and making it feel more intimate. Style the table on its own or add a table top (with a custom design of your choice) to fit your space.


Style it Indoors or Out

Versatility is key with design, and that’s why the Lodi Side Table—like most Stone Yard pieces—are made for both indoors and out. Hand-molded, sculpted, and finished by our master artisans, the Lodi table is available in both Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) or Fiberstone. Each of these industrial-grade materials have the look of natural stone or concrete, but at a lighter weight point. In fact, GFRC is 75% lighter, and Fiberstone (our proprietary material) is one-third the weight of GFRC! Both materials make the Lodi—and all of Stone Yard furnishings—weather- and chip-resistant, even in harsh freezing conditions and high-traffic areas. This means you can place Lodi tables between chaise lounges poolside, on a restaurant patio, or in an outdoor promenade and enjoy their modern style for years without signs of wear. Plus, since they are lighter than stone or concrete, they are much easier to maneuver when designing and redesigning a space.

Custom-Fit to Your Space

All Stone Yard pieces are available for full customization, including size, shape, and finish. Our new Lodi Side Table is no different—you can customize it completely to fit your space and style. This includes choosing one of our 13 artisanal finishes, which are hand-applied in layers, creating one-of-a-kind detailing on every piece. We have been working with a clientele of mostly designers and trade professionals for over 30 years, designing custom pieces for residential interiors as well as commercial interiors like hotels, restaurants, casinos, and shopping malls. We have everything we need to craft quality, custom designs that match your aesthetic and space.

How Will You Style Your Lodi Side Table?

Styled indoors or out, with a table top or bare, and with a natural or industrial-looking finish: how will you design the Lodi Side Table? Talk to our design experts today on finding just the right look for you.